Thistle Mitts: Day 7 Knitting and Crochet Blog Week - 4KCBWDAY7

Eskimimi's assignment for Day 7 asks participants to consider where their crafting will have taken them one year from now, when the 5th Knitting & Crochet Blog Week rolls around.  Before looking ahead, though, I think I will look back on some highlights of the past week:   

Having to take my car to the dealer for repairs last weekend, leaving it there, and picking it up on Monday after paying a tremendous bill.  When can I retire from teaching and pursue my knitting passion full-time?  At 85, maybe?

Knitting and frogging and knitting and frogging and knitting and frogging my Thistle Mitts (for Eskimimi's "extra credit" assignment) due to continually making mistakes as I worked the absurdly simple thistle pattern (only a school teacher nearing the end of the school year can understand the kind of mental fog that causes such lapses and only a  type A English teacher would attempt anything labeled "extra-credit" at this busy time of the school year).

I like the tartan pattern (especially the way it compliments the color of the
African violet blossoms), but think the mitt is a little too long and unfeminine
for the design.

Deciding to frog the completed and seamed first mitt as I wasn't happy with the fit and color combinations.

Redesigning and reknitting the mitts. 

Attending my Tuesday night social media class and watch the instructor hand out a huge packet and telling the class that we have to complete an extensive internet marketing plan for a hypothetical business.  

Losing assignment packet between school and home.   

Experiencing relief that my instructor is an artistic (hence mercurial) type, as she tells the class on  Thursday night to complete blog posts for an upcoming art show in lieu of writing business plan.  Want to hug her when she tells me I can use posts I've been working on for Blog Week, rather than create new ones with blog platform other students are using.

This thistle plant is growing by the front walk of my school.  I might not have noticed it if I didn't have
thistles on my mind. 

Posting the wrong topic on Day 5.

Quickly trying to make a video to use on a Friday afternoon (Day 5), as a result of completing the  wrong daily post assignment for that day, only to garner shocking and scary results.  (A red-haired woman with marionette lines and an off-kilter smile mysteriously appeared in the video.) 

Having an epiphany where I realize that something is deeply wrong with my character.  Why do I feel compelled to finish blog week?  Will the knit police come get me? 

Deciding to make a crossword puzzle and scrap the video idea.  First drop car off at dealership again (for more costly repairs), stop to buy hair gel and hairspray and spend time using aforementioned items to slick my younger son's blond mane away from his face.  Attend his school drama performance where he plays a troublemaking greaser stuck in after-school detention--note, a tad uneasily, how he seems comfortably familiar enacting this role.  Create the puzzle at around 10:00 at night after returning home. 

James turned 13 today.  He looks quite grown up dressed up for his school performance.

Waking on Saturday morning and actually bothering to work the puzzle.  Find three mistakes in it.  Redo.  Relink.  Repost.  On that same day, go to Cottage Yarn for knit therapy, take son to swimming lesson and to lunch with my husband, go food shopping, return home, and then drive 16 miles to work the late shift at my school's senior prom.  Return home at midnight filthy from cleaning chocolate fountains.  Wonder why graduate education classes did not cover industrial restaurant kitchen work. 

Deciding to post pictures of my Thistle Mitts but to forgo posting the pattern until I can edit it with a well-rested eye.  Maybe in July?  No, I should have the PDF up and ready to go in a day or two.  But for now, it's Sunday, and I deserve a rest. 




  1. Yes - you are slightly bonkers! I know the time and effort that this must have caused you - and on top of full-time work plus extra after-school commitments too. However, the finished mittens are lovely adn the thistle looks perfect. I think that somewhere in teacher-training school they must have given us all subliminal lessons in 'guilt' - it seems to be the main driving force at this time of year - worrying that you haven't prepared your students well-enough for their exams. Someone at school last week told me that exam-time was almost as stressful for the teachers as the pupils! Can't wait to see your PDF - I still haven't discovered how to do that so I am in full admiration. Hope you have time to relax soon, Judy.

  2. The thistle mitts are lovely and to have completed this blog week on top of everything else going on - you are amazing! James looks fabulous - amazing how quickly they grow up though. Still getting my head round having a six foot son who towers over me rather than a wee chap around waist height really! Hope all goes well in your final stint of term. E x

  3. Ok, I'm exhausted just reading all that! The mitts are great, but do take a break. We'll still all be here in July for the pdf. :)

    And about that chocolate fountain clean-up ...

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