To Err is Human, To Knit Divine: Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 3 - 4KCBWDAY3

The infographic above displays a breakdown of knitting mishaps and mistakes, revealing the frequency of each category (shown as a percentage of the total number). 

The Brain Wave

Philosophizing about the meaning of life?  Musing about retiring from your job and opening that knitting store?  Reviewing a mental list of items in your refrigerator?  Suddenly you find you’re lost.  Wait, what stitch am I on?  What row?  Like some techie Geek who finds himself in the bush without his GPS, you are hopelessly floundering, looking for a solution to your dilemma.

The Read-the-Directions-before-Attempting-this-Test Phenomenon  

In the throes of passionate longings for your new yarn and pattern, you dive in full force, and neglect to review instructions carefully—such as changing to larger needles for that all-important increase row. 

The Starbucks Effect  

You attempted to knit an Estonian lace shawl in the finest dental-floss thin yarn, while sipping latte and chattering with your pals.  Later at home, you find that the time you spent crying and tearing out your work far exceeded the length of your social get-together. 

The Impulse Buy Byproduct  

You couldn’t resist the novelty eyelash or chenille on the clearance rack, the sentimental sucker in you drawn in by its sadly neglected and tossed about look, but you wouldn’t be caught dead in the resulting ill-fitting, unattractive, or dated item you produced—if you even had the heart to finish it.

The Interruption Factor

The cat leaps on your instructions, your children erupt in a bloody battle, your husband asks you a tiresome question, such as a shouted, “Hey!  Where’s the fire extinguisher?”  A few expletives fly from your lips and you begrudgingly get up, losing your place in the process. 



  1. +5 awesome points for the Starbucks Effect; quoted for truth. :)

  2. After knitting for not even 3 months, sadly I've already experienced all of these. Gah.

  3. This is great! I'm afraid I've fallen victim to all of the above and then some:)

  4. LOL! Hilarious! I most fall victim to the starbucks' effect!

  5. Hysterical!!!!!! Hey where is the fire extinguisher?

  6. Cool graphic! I have so much impulse yarn.

  7. So true, Liz! I fear this is all too familiar! E x


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