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Rising Strong

“In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn.”
― Octavia Butler

        In her book, Rising Strong, researcher Brene´ Brown explores overcoming and emerging from shame.She asserts that an individual must navigate this journey by bravely facing personal misconceptions and by choosing to be vulnerable enough to reenter the "arena" of life.Ultimately, Brown outlines methods to gain the resilience that allows one to thrive, despite setbacks and failures.
          Several years ago, I took a class, led by an Episcopal priest who had been trained in Brown’s methods.I'd hoped this experience would help me work through the emotional fallout from a job I'd recently taken.  For the first time in a 23-year teaching career, my status as an accomplished and effective educator was called into question in my workplace.Plagued by nightmares, consumed by self-doubt, and shaken to the core, I made the decision, after two years at this post, to retire early.I did so …

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