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Trials and Tribulations: Knitting Has Its Day in Court

I haven’t posted here in many months, the longest break I have taken since I began this blog back in 2011.My twenty-year-old son, Jonathan, passed away last September at a party at a student apartment on a local university campus.Toxicology reports haven’t been released yet, but, for me, the exact cause of his death isn’t paramount in my concerns.I know he struggled with alcohol and drug use.
In the past, I have taken unpleasant and sometimes painful situations and written about them through the lens of humor and irony.Whether discussing students, children, housework, or knitting dilemmas, I found the process therapeutic, cathartic, and, well, entertaining.So it’s been almost impossible for me to sit down and write, since a lighthearted take on much of my life situation eludes me, and deep, dark, reflective words about loss and a world turned upside down seem inappropriate for a knitting blog.
But this past week, for the first time in what seems like ages, I found myself reflecting with…

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