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Faerie Frollick

The "Faerie Frollick" shawl and story were inspired by Alice and Lisa Hoffman's beautiful collection of fairy tales and knitting patterns, entitled, Faerie Knitting. 

Once upon a time there was a widow.  For many years, she had raised her two sons on her own.  On the brink of manhood, they were handsome and witty lads, who lightened her spirits with their boisterous antics and good humor.They truly were her solace, though she struggled to provide for them.

Her older son eased some of her burdens by earning money laboring in the fields.One day, as he made his way home to the village after a day’s work, a troll approached him.The ugly creature held out a bottle containing a potion that he said would make the youth feel like a king.The boy had been taught to avoid trolls but was aching from his toil and downhearted at the prospect of never-ending days in the fields, so he asked the cost of this magical substance.
“One mouthful is free,” the troll said, for he knew that he had…

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