Valentine's Day Contest

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I was looking at some of my favorite knitting blogs and came across a contest at Knitgrrl, where the winner can receive a great Jordana Paige messenger knitting bag.   Click here for information.  I wrote a poem for my entry in the contest.  (Although I didn't exactly follow the directions when I decided on its subject matter, I think that I express clearly my desire to have a nice, functional knitting bag.  Note:  this poem is meant to be humourous.  I'm an obssessed knitter, but not crazy . .  yet.)  In honor of Valentine's Day and Christopher Marlowe, here is the entry I submitted: 

 The Passionate Knitter to Her Bag

COME live with me and be my bag;
With angora, alpaca, all that swag,
I will fill you, my sweet love,  
To create rich shawls, mittens, gloves. 
You will sit beside my comfy chair,
With the rhythm of needles in the air,
And see my creations come to shape;
Our life together a splendid escape. 
There will I make thee a loving friend;
All cares will instantly suspend;
A partner, a sidekick, my grandest tool,
You’ll be treasured as my rarest jewel. 

A sweater made of the finest wool
Which from our pretty lambs we pull,
Fair linèd slippers for the cold,
Gorgeous knitwear to behold. 
Needles made from gleaming wood,
Used to make a charming hood: 
Inside you, you’ll find, in this life of grace,
If you come live with me and be my case. 
Afar we’ll voyage together, to arrive
In style at Vogue Knitting Live,
Or fiber festivals off the beaten path,
Like lovers on holiday, we’ll cut our swath. 
The knitting cherubs shall dance and sing
For thy delight each May-morning:
Grab these delights—and do not lag: 
Come live with me and be my bag.


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