Back in the Habit

I've been spending the last couple of days reworking one of my blog posts into a polished article.  I cannot believe how many mistakes, both in grammar and in the logical progression of ideas that I found in my blog post.  Anway, as an English teacher I don't have much patience with unedited, thrown-together stuff, unless my students are writing informal, journals--which, I guess, is what this blog post is.  So if you read my blog, please understand that it is written by a full-time working mother who has great editorial skills, but only when she has a quiet moment to use them. 

I'm almost through with my rewriting and then should be back to blogging.  Until then, here's a picture of some fingerless gloves I recently finished.  I just purchased a Guenevere scarf kit (by Knit One, Crochet Too Yarn), and am excited about getting started working on that, too.  I have never bought a knitting kit before, because I prefer to choose my own colors and yarns, but I couldn't resist this soft fuzzy scarf and its romantic name.  I bought the kit at Rainy Day Creations in Pineville.  (See link under Charlotte knitting stores on the right of this blog page) or go to YarnMarket to purchase online. 


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