Binding Off: Day Four of Vogue Knitting Live

This food was on display at VKL. 

Actually, Vogue Knitting Live only takes place over three days' time; however, I was still in NYC  last Monday, when VKL was done and bags and boxes of yarn and display tables were in piles under the hotel marquis, waiting for pickup.   Tonya and I did have a few hours before our afternoon flight back to Charlotte to explore a little bit more in the city.  But first, we had to pack up. . . .
This task was a bit challenging, as I'd purchased two large hardcover books at VKL, as well as a large paperback.  I'd also bought two kits from Black Sheep and Ewe, as they were reasonably priced and contained quality yarn.  This company's kits offer knitters quick projects that look stylish and rich when completed.
I'd also bought a couple of furry balls of yarn the day before (they were on sale, too), and I'd picked up a small bag of goodies at Purl Soho to give to a blogger friend.  A planner book with pages of beautiful artwork from the Met added to my haul.  This item was half-priced and I'd needed a new planner, but I certainly didn't need another book to lug around the city. 

Vogue Knitting offered these two books for the price of one, hard to resist.
I organized these items a bit in my carry-on suitcase before Tonya and I headed out to explore the city one more time.
This book from Cooperative Press is a paperback, but it is still pretty hefty to lug around.  It seems like a great resource, though, so it was worth the effort. 
Black Sheep and Ewe's kits contain wonderful yarn, such as Noro.  I bought a kit to make the poncho/cape on the left and another to make a small cowl.

This cowl from my new kit is a simple project--great to do when watching TV. 
We headed over to Barnes and Noble on Fifth Avenue, but the experience was disappointing.  When I was a child, I left this large bookseller with piles of discounted volumes.  The Barnes and Noble we visited in New York, however, was not substantially any different from the two large B & N stores in Charlotte, and I didn't see any phenomenal bargains. 
We left the store and walked over to the garment district and spent the next couple of hours happily perusing stores laden with notions and ribbons and fabric.  One shop had a whole wall of purse handles, but I had to restrain myself as I already have two sets of purse handles at home waiting to receive their knitted bags. 

Oh, if only I had time to sew (and a bigger suitcase). 

This image doesn't do justice to the row after row of notions and ribbons.

I was proud of my restraint, but I couldn't resist some gray wool fabric with velvet appliques that was only 99 cents a yard.  I purchased three yards, and then realized that this fabric was WIDE and HEAVY. 
As Tonya is an expert organizer--she is a science teacher and her labs are coordinated works of art--she was somehow able to pack my goodies up in my wheeled carry-on suitcase and we were off.  First to the subway.  Then to the bus.  Then in  the air.  Then home. 
Left with lots of artistic inspiration, some new projects, too many student papers to catch up on, and a bad cold, I have to say the trip was still a success.  Maybe next year, if I continue to hone my skills, I'll be ready to take the five-part couture knitting class and will manage somehow to also work in some sightseeing.  


  1. Hi Liz - I've just read all of these posts - it sound like you've had a fantastic and extremely busy few days - sightseeing, museums, knitting shops, food and the knitting convention - lucky you. It's always tempting when you go to things like this to spend lots so I admire your restraint - I'm not sure how I'd have coped in the face of so much temptation. Thanks for all the wonderful photos and your detailed itinerary - can't wait to see the completed items. Judy.

  2. What a lovely last day of your trip! Your books look gorgeous and I'm impressed with your compression of everything into your hand luggage! But where there's a will there's a way! And it's amazing how many purchases can be squirrelled into unpromising-looking space! Sorry you've come back with a cold - hope it disappears quickly and look forward to seeing the outcome of your kits etc in the next while. The lovely thing about trips like this is that they do go on feeding inspiration etc long after the original event. E x


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