3KCBWDAY2 The Garden of Yarnly Delights

I woke in the early morning and crept outside to weed my garden bed.  Dew drops clung to the grass and the air was thick and moist.  I headed to my garden, where, much to my surprise, I saw that the fiber fairies had deposited brightly hued gifts for me.  I quickly ran inside to grab my camera, wondering if maybe my vision was some dawn dream, but when I returned outside I saw that the colorful yarn balls were real.

The yarns presented a kaleidoscope of colors and textures. 

 I set out to gather my bountiful harvest into a basket, stopping for a moment to stand on a chair to see if I could see any of the airy band who had deposited my gift.  

I caught a brief glimpse of some mischievous little sprites, not the good fairies who had left the glorious present, but, rather, some pesky creatures whose aim is to torment humans--stealing knitting needles, misplacing scissors, distracting knitters so these imps can push yarn off the needle and make us drop stitches.  I had to swat at one particularly troublesome one who was poised to grab the tail of a ball of yarn and unravel it.  Others wielded tiny daggers made with thorns to tear holes in the leaves of my magic yarn plants.  They vanished into vapor when I attempted to take their picture.   

I quickly gathered up the colorful balls of yarn and returned to the house.  Afraid the vision of the mercurial spirits would vanish from my memory as fast as these creatures had disappeared from my sight, I quickly drew a sketch of one of them from memory. He'd had ahold of a ball of purple yarn and, with a determined expression, was attempting to unwind it and wrest it loose from its nest in the cabbage leaves. 

I made some blueberry pancakes for my family and shared the tale of my morning over breakfast.  My two boys raised their eyebrows and the eleven-year-old one said, "Knitters are weird." 

I haven't seen any fairies or sprites since that day, but I've taken to leaving them thimbles full of honey and diminutive powdered sugar cookies.  Maybe their sweet tooth will draw them back, and the good-natured ones will leave more gifts to uncover in the early morning hours. 


  1. What fun pictures! I'm so jealous of your green thumb, too. Plants in my garden never look green and happy like yours!

  2. Wouldn't it be nice if you could grow your own yarn!! Great idea!

    B x

  3. Mmmm, delicious! Very healthy, lots of fiber ;)

  4. oh yes, a very cute approach to that challenge!

  5. This is such a lovely post! I love it! You have a beautifully whimsical way of writing that invites the reader in and those pics are so witty. I was hooked if you will forgive the crochet pun! Elizabeth x


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