Vogue Knitting Live . . . in Charlotte!

I took this picture at Vogue Knitting Live
in New York (January 2011).

I was surprised when I opened the latest issue of Vogue Knitting magazine a few weeks ago and saw that Vogue Knitting Live (VKL) was coming to my neck of the woods this fall--from Thursday, September 20 through Sunday, September 23. A smaller version of the Chicago and New York events, VKL Charlotte offers fashion shows, shopping, as well as an array of classes taught by members of the knitterati.  I’ve signed up two take two:  “Design Your Own Triangle Shawl," taught by Brooke Nico and another entitled “Edging and Flower Power,” instructed by Nicky Epstein.  Lectures, given by prominent individuals in the knitwear industry, are also offered, and I'll be attending one on design inspiration given by Lily Chin.  Vickie Howell will also be present at the beginners' lounge. 

While I am thrilled to be able to take advantage of VKL's close proximity, I was once again frustrated by the unyielding demands of my day job as a public high school teacher that prevent me from signing up for a five-part course in couture knitting that is divided into multiple sessions held over several days.  All teachers, barring their admission into the intensive care ward, of the hospital must be present for training on periodic early release Fridays, such as the one on September 21 (when part one of the couture class is offered). 
This couture creation greeted visitors at the entrance to VKL in
New York (2012). 

Alas, while I might sound a bit bitter, I do understand that feeding my family must come before knitting.  I can’t help, however, but lament this sacrifice.  On a brighter note, however, there are lots of happenings on Saturday and Sunday, and I plan to avail myself of fashion shows and shopping opportunities on those days. 

My local yarn shop, Cottage Yarn, will have a prominently-placed booth, where its wares will be on display before the large group that should be in attendance.  VKL in Charlotte is being held in conjunction with the Southern Women’s Show, an annual gathering of scores of exhibitors whose offerings include lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and cooking products and services. 

I hope that all Carolina knitters, and those from adjoining states, attend and sign up to take classes.  Maybe if Vogue Knitting Live is successful, next year will see the same event on a larger scale.  Our small southern city seems to be gaining in stature and exposure lately, so anything is possible. 


  1. Thank you again for telling me about this, Charlotte isn't too far away from me and I really want to go. Unfortunately, it is the same weekend as the Winston-Salem air show : (

    I hope you have a fantastic time and I cannot wait to hear all about it!

  2. Awesome! I know you will have fun! :)

  3. What a treat to look forward to - even without the couture knitting classes you will have a ball! I do sympathise with the constraints of a job that will not allow you to choose even small amounts of vacation freely - I find it intensely frustrating. Only thing to be done is to clock the frustration - it's real - and take compensating action on a front that is possible i.e. I argue with myself I am not free to go on x or y weekend course for example but would have spent z on it so z can be spent on yarn which i can order on-line instead. Up to a point this strategy (with variations) does work so for what it's worth I pass it on. What I've found causes resentment to smoulder is pretending I don't mind when actually i mind very much! E x

    1. I love your approach--recognizing the frustration and creating a reward (or at least some compensation) to offset it).


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